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DIY: super easy Christmas tree decorations!

Today we bring you a super easy but very attractive DIY for this Christmas, we are going to create these ornaments for the tree in the shape of so adorable snowmen.

The good thing is that you hardly need materials and that the little ones can do it, always with clear supervision;) Let's go!


Perforated wooden balls (ours are about 3cm)

Rustic rope, or the one you like the most to hang the ornament

String or Christmas ribbon for the bow tie

Black and orange markers or painting


The first thing is to paint the face on the snowmen so we take a ball and leaving the hole vertically, we paint the eyes, the smile and the nose. We are going to use 3 balls for each ornament, you can also paint the balls white first.

DIY esencia custome

Once you have all the faces you want to make,  cut a piece of rope, ours is rustic style but anyone works, and we begin to introduce the balls. First the one with the head that we have painted and then two more.

We tie a knot at the bottom so that they don't escape.

DIY esencia custome

To give it the final touch, we take the red rope, it can also be a ribbon or whatever you can think of with a christmasy look, and we tie it under the first ball. Tachaaaán!

DIY esencia custome

We already have our snowmen ready, now it's time to hang them from the Christmas tree or from the handle of a closet. You can't tell us that they are not easy to do! And the look so cute...

DIY esencia custome

If you dare to do them, you already know that on Instagram we are always active and we will love to see your creations. Tag us in your photos and stories and let's flood the networks with a little bit of Christmas spirit.

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