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World Environment Day | 8 Tips to introduce cotton bags in your life

Today is World Environment Day, in essence custome is an issue that we have been dealing with for a long time and especially putting our batteries on it.

Starting with our brand, we work with suppliers that produce ethically and respectfully with the environment, we have eliminated any plastic in our packaging and we try to reuse all possible materials. On a personal level, for many years we have replaced plastic bags with paper ones and especially cloth ones, which we have been designing and offering in our shop for a long time.

eco tote bag esencia custome

And precisely about bags is what today's post is about, but not the cotton tote bags, but the ones that are finally replacing the plastic ones to weigh the fruit.

Reusable fruit bags have become fashionable and we think it's great! We have been using them for a while and we wanted to leave you some tips with our experience. We have learned from mistakes and we want to avoid the same mistakes.

Buy cotton bags

In the market you will see that there are cotton and polyester. The polyester ones allow a better view of the interior content, but not enough so that you can always know. For that reason, better cotton that is less polluting.

Buy bags without plastic closure

Many of these bags have an automatic closure system. Most of these mechanisms are plastic. If we want to reduce the use of plastic, better avoid it in our bags. The reality is that they are not necessary, in one of the following tips you will see why.

reusable cotton bags esencia custome

Don't buy specific bags

We have seen that there are specific bags for certain fruits. They seem very practical, but if we already have trouble remembering to always carry bags, remembering specific bags is even more difficult.

Buy medium or large bags

There are many sizes, some bags are too small. For certain fruits or vegetables that are not eaten as much they can come in handy, but if we really want them to be easy to use, it is better to have bags that are worth everything. There are people who adjust the size of the bag to avoid paying more for their weight. A large bag does not weigh more than 20 grams, in case you select a fruit of € 2.50 / Kg, you will not pay more than 5 extra cents (a chuche).

Don't use one-piece bags

Melons, watermelons, pineapples ... do not need a bag, their skin is wonderfully strong and you usually only take one piece. Although we do not use plastic bags, it is better to get used to not using bags in those cases. This way we avoid running out of bags and having to use plastic. In addition, we will set an example for other people and at least avoid the expense of some plastic bags.

Do not close the bag before weighing

We know that the supermarket workers who weigh the fruit have superpowers that allow them to identify the fruit in microseconds. However, the combination of some bags with certain fruits is their kryptonite. So we advise you not to close the bag before weighing it so that you can see its contents quickly. Otherwise they have to open it and there can always be people waiting for you to complain. You have to avoid anger about this type of bags so that more people use them.

Put the tag on the string

At first we stuck the labels on the bag. They fell out and when we went to pay we had to look for the lost label in the basket. One day thanks to a supermarket worker, we realized that the most practical way to put the label was on the string of the bag. It does not fall and allows the bag to be closed. Of course, make sure that the barcode on the label is legible. Put the label in the same direction of the string.

Store your bags of fruit inside your shopping bag

We all already have our shopping bags. Almost all of us are getting used to leaving them in the shopping cart, the car, the bag ... so that we never forget them. So that we do not forget these bags too, we have learned to always leave them in the shopping bag.

eco friendly bags esencia custome

Maybe in a while we will not see plastic bags in the fruit stalls either. There are many more things to improve but let's go little by little.

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