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Creativity in times of confinement

After giving it many laps, I have encouraged myself to publish this post, it is different and a little more personal than usual and I think that is why it was difficult for me to click publish.

I want to share with you how confinement has affected my creativity because, I myself am amazed at the process I have gone through and the results of all this time of confinement.

esencia custome illustrator

At first, the news of the quarantine left me (like most) completely ko, starting with the personal, the fact of not being able to see and be with my family, and going through the professional, Estefanía could no longer return to workshop, sales plummeted and I went from working hard to everything to a halt.

It took me more than 20 days to react and be me again. During those days I went through many phases, but the concern for the online store invaded me all the time and prevented me from seeing beyond, so like the world, I also stopped dead. I also went through the phase of baking, cleaning thoroughly, doing yoga, contemplating instagram for hours ...

I am one of the lucky ones that having a dog has been able to go out daily for a little while, I have been able to see how spring was coming and flooding it with colors in its path. I think that was the trigger, seeing all those flowers and plants daily filled me with inspiration.

But, sometimes you can feel inspired and wanting to open your pad and paint, and that absolutely nothing comes out. Blocking. Frustration do they ring a bell? In one way or another, from what I have been able to talk to you this time, many of you have been or are going through it.

Here are two options to succumb to that blockade and enter into a negative and victimizing attitude or, face it and make it want.

I decided not to fall apart and resort to the trick that usually works for me, I opened Pinterest and looked for spring as it was, I found a photo of a girl in a pose that I liked and I began to draw her in my style, this helped me start. But without stress, also spending time on other things.

The first illustration I finished was precisely inspired by spring, today you can find it in the shop with the same title. I decided to share the process with you on Instagram and I was uploading small videos while I was painting it. The response was incredible, many messages came to me saying that those videos gave you a little peace or that they were encouraging you to paint as well. High.

And here you realize how important it is to share, be it a feeling, a tip, an idea ... So I called Estefanía and I told her the idea of ​​sharing all the free coloring weeks with you, it seemed like a nice way to throw a cable in these difficult times.

illustration esencia custome

When you have a goal, even if it is only one, things look differently.

You have been my biggest motivation, every day I had more desire to make new illustrations, to share my processes and progress. The coloring sheets have been very successful, every week on instagram we receive photos and messages sharing your painted sheets, we have also been able to reach new people and above all get a little closer to you and that is priceless.

In the midst of all this, that inspiration, as I was saying at the beginning, came to me like a slap, without waiting for it, and I just had to open the pad and download all those feelings and ideas. But ... how is all that creativity managed?

I am not a precisely organized person, I tend to chaos and when the muses visit me, chaos multiplies. I start piles of drawings, I visualize as many designs in my head that I store (lie) for later, I write down some ideas in the first paper that I find and then I never see again ... Total, I end up with a tremendous mess and without removing nothing is clear, that's when Estefanía takes action, it has been many years and she knows perfectly how I act at the moment.

esencia custome illustrator

"Rebecca, calm down, have you made a list of all the ideas?" And something as simple as writing all that that goes through your head is the best thing to do, not to let an idea escape, it does not matter write it down as absurd as it seems to you, also write down individual words and small sketches for those cases in those that cost to define it with words. I use one of those long notepads with their little boxes to cross out and that's where, when I'm focused, I write everything down.

Then you have to face them one by one and, if it is possible to finish them, there are few things as satisfactory as crossing out something from your “to do’s” list.

With a very different attitude to that of the beginning of the quarantine, I decided together with Estefanía that the new collection that was in boxes waiting to see the light, had to come out because essence is our work and livelihood, we have fought very hard for many years to pull it off and we couldn't allow this to take all the effort ahead. Today we are happy to have made that decision and to be able to continue with our brand in the midst of all this storm, with obstacles and difficulties but with the desire to overcome them.

My final reflection is that I would never have imagined that being locked up at home I would have been able to create so much, moreover I think one tends to think that at times like this it is difficult to create new things, I am the first to always say “traveling is one of the things that inspire me the most ”.

Perhaps this is being, in a way, a journey but inward.

Drawing for the mere pleasure of doing it is something that is lost a little when you dedicate yourself professionally, or at least it happens to me from time to time. Being able to spend time illustrating without pressure or deadlines has been a gift that I needed a lot.

I think this can be extrapolated to many activities that do not have to be artistic.

And after this paradox I can only send you a lot of encouragement if you are going through a moment of mental block, I hope this post will help you a little to motivate you and give you a boost. I will be happy to read your reflections either here in comments or on Instagram.

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