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How to make sustainable fashion | The 5 'R' of eco-friendly fashion

Reduce. Repair. Recycle. Re-use. Reinvent.

The time of the year in which consumerism soars is approaching, that takes us to stop for a few minutes and think about how can we moderate our consumption and in the process help our planet?



Buy less, buy what you need. Today we buy 4 times more clothes than in the 90s. Why? Surely the term "fast fashion" is familiar, cheap and poor quality clothes. That explains why that shirt you bought a few weeks ago is almost ready to throw.

How about investing in good quality garments? Yes, you will think that they are much more expensive, but also think that they will last for years (they are like small investments) and that in their manufacture the environment has been respected to the maximum, you are collaborating to take care of our planet. Look for brands that offer sustainable and quality fashion.


If your denim jacket has lost a button, your favorite pants have the zipper broken or the blouse that was going with everything has ripped off, don´t throw them away! The world does not end, really, you can give it a couple of stitches or if like me you have no idea of sewing there are places where they repair the clothes (you can call mom / grandma ...) and you can continue using them for a while .



We have this more internalized, right?

Donate clothes that you don't wear in clean spots or to associations / NGOs.

It is increasingly common to sell / exchange with other people those garments that you no longer wear and that another can give it a second chance.


Find a second life to some jeans turning them, for example, into a new bag, a shirt that fits you no longer in  a top for the summer ... Pinterest is full of ideas to give a new purpose to those garments that no longer serve you.


This is one of the most fun and creative. Open your closet and think about new combinations of clothes that you had not imagined before. Rediscovering clothes that bore you and giving them a twist is also a good idea. Cut some jeans and fray the bass, voila, you already have the latest trend in jeans without spending a coin.

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